Sunday 10/30 - Lewis Morris - 9AM - F the cold ride!


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
I'm not through with this season yet and I have to break my Heckler in. Meeting near Sunrise Lake at 9AM!
remember it's daylight savings, so no "it's too early" excuses for this ride - :lol: !

mebbee we should meet at 6:00 because 6:00 will really be 7:00 and 7:00 will really be 8:00 :wink:
Okay, something came up for Steve so I'm pushing it back till 9AM at Lewis Morris if anyone is interested. Actual 9AM AFTER setting the clocks back.

Soooo ummmm yeah, I run this site and yet I didn't have any clue about a race happening at Lewis Morris today. I got there around 9:10 and the lot was packed. When I finished my ride around 10:30 I realized it was a race when I saw all the numbers. Anyone know what race that was?
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