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OK here is a weird one. I have a 07 Cannondale Prophet with a Fox Float R on the rear. I was going to have it rebuilt but I can't get the top bolt to come out. The the one side comes off but the other does not. Any help?:confused:?


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The reason I ask is that timing can be an issue with sending the shock out. I had a similar problem with my Fox shock (stuck down). PUSH was 6-8 weeks out and Fox had a several week TAT. Cycle Works rebuilt the shock in a few days.

Anyway, this does not help you with removing the shock from the frame :hmmm:


I bent a shock bolt on my DH rig and it was a bear to remove. Had to use a punch and hammer.

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Sounds like the bolt is bent (bottom ou thte shock too many times and this happens), as gt2brew suggested. Were you able to turn the bolt? Or is it bound up, again likely if bolt is bent. May have to get the bigger bigger hammer and a drift to drive the bolt out.

If you are not sure about beating on it, take it to Cycle Works and have John beat on!!!


I try the hammer trick and it still wont go. Any other suggestions? I even got the bigger hammer:D

If you have a bolt on either side there might be a threaded sleeve in the middle of the shock that is spinning. If one end has a nut then I would think the bolt is bent. Be careful not to use too big a hammer or you will be looking for a frame as well. Check with a C-dale dealer for more info.


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Just drop it off at a shop already kid, they would've had it fixed in 5 minutes and you could've been riding this whole time:D

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