Stewart tomorrow ...



Hi kiddies :)
It's Saturday bout 10am and it is a balmy 12 degrees outside. I did a "A" pace road ride yesterday in the mountains, If I could do that with those guys 3 days a week, it would sure make a difference in my results this year. I want to do hill repeats later today with Tommy, he is an animal on the bike!. As for Stewart Airport tomorrow it depends on if my forks get here in Highland, NY. The guy sent them last Saturday (so he claims) so they should be here today (typing this with my fingers crossed). I'll post-up later to let people know if we are going.
Have a wonderful day all,

Fallgirl ... :)


I'm thinking about Stewart myself for Sunday morn. Going down to 19 tonight in Newburgh so if there isn't much ice it should be fast pedaling. I'm thinking about wheels down at 730 or 8am.
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