ss gearing for Kittantiny?


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Here we go again. I am too far away to preride. I am riding cat 1 on a 26er, with a 32 up front. What do you guys think I should run in the rear? I was thinking 16 or 17.

If it helps, I ran a 32x21 at windham, and it was perfct for me. I do most of my hard local rides in techie singletrack with short power climbs in 32x18.


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I did the pre-ride at KVSP and for me 32x18 was perfect.

There is a climb in the last 2 miles on course that is kinda long and steep. I made it up on the 1st lap but had to hop off on the 2nd.
Most of the climbing on the course are short power climbs except for this one.
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