Sparta Mountain WMA


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I just ventured into Sparta Mountain WMA with my GPS today (and my new Epic), and there are miles and miles of rough fireroads.

Exciting observations: Messed up Truck, Black Bear, Red Tail Hawk, Pileated Wood Pecker.

My GPS (Garmin etrex Vista) does not appear to be too great, the best accuracy I could get was 18ft, but usually it was much worse than that, and so my path looks pretty shaky, however, you can see the trails pretty well in Google Earth.


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Is that off of Glenn/Edison Road? I've wanted to eplore back there, but saw signs that said "no bikes".


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There are portions in the area that are owned by the Audubon Society, particularly near Rykers Pond and Edison Bog. I saw signs that indicated portions of my path were on their property but I did not see any signs saying no bikes.

I started at the end of Ridge Road which is next to the gas station on Glen Road. There are also parking lots near Rykers Pond and Edison Pond, both off of Edison Road.
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