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I know that we all lead very busy lives and time is always against us but I want to remind everyone to pay yourself first. It's a simple concept used in business and may not always seem practical; it is very necessary if you want to have fulfilling career (not to mention stress less). I bring this up because often people can't make rides due to home obligations, renovations, work, shopping, etc. I too am pressed with many of these same issues BUT lets also remember that, as the summer ages our evening ride hours will become less and less. So our 3-5 rides a week will turn into 1 weekend ride as the fall stretches upon us. Please do what you can to enjoy the summer and use it to it's fullest before we are locked indoors for the winter months. Remember to pay yourself first and get out there!

That is all, now who's riding this week. :lol:
smarencik said:
TICK TICK TICK TICK - daylight hours are burning....

Got that right... didn't even make it till 8pm yesterday. Had to head for the truck at like 7:45.
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