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in my highpoint pictures people pmed me saying my friend was SKIDDING! we are both downhillers and know skidding is lame, kills trails, and doesn't slow you down any faster. What we were doing is drifting, that uses NO BRAKES just slides out your bike.

watch for seconds 34-38. there are no brakes here, this not skidding, your rear wheel is not locked up, if you dont believe me come ride with me at kittatiny and we will show you.

if this thread is deleted thats pretty stupid. i will lose some respect for you xc riders which you have earned from me. some of the stuff you do is pretty nuts but you cant call anything fast, or hardcore till you have ridden downhill. and dont try pulling the i ride a hardtail bs because ive ridden an xc hardtail at diablo for a few months and was fine!

i am bitter you guys complain about riding in illegal areas because all the trails need to start somewhere and I know lots of you ride illegal trails in ringwood, and wawayanda.

oh and im also bitter because my laptop crashed, and i am failing a spanish class but thats for a different forum and a different time.

:getsome: :getsome: Sean Mankiw dont pm me about anything make it public.


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Thanks for your PM. We'll keep it in the open - 7 days in the penalty box. Thanks for playing along.
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