Skate park riding?



Shields skatepark() in Flemington has a BMX/(bicycle only) session from 6-10 every wednesday. I've been riding there for about two years now. And the place has been moderately receptive to MTBs. Not only does it provide excellent cross training, It's a great alternative to hitting the trails in this soupy time of year. The technical skills that can be found are a tremendous asset to any XC rider. If this sounds appealing then I hope to see you there. :) -Ryan


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I used to hit up Incline Club, aka Snakewood a bunch in the winter months. This year it's been warm enough to ride southern trail and I've been away a bunch on the snowboard. I also have a mini ramp w/ spine in my side yard which is a nice option to ride.

You are right tho - skateparks will give you another skill that you can bring to the XC trail. You learn to flick the bike a lot more and sharpen your reaction times.


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my buddy was tellin me about how he rides there. do you have any pics??

maybe i could go down and hit the BMX track and later hit the skate park and then venture home...
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