Singulator Q?

She must have some special "Pixy Dust" on those rubber bands. :D

ha, ha.:hysterica I guess I need to tip my mechanic!! ;)

I actually don't set up my own SS, ever since I broke the chain break tool accidentally driving out the pin on the quick link, because I didn't put my glasses on. I have some serious denial with the eye sight, or lack of.

But to pass on what info I have on the pixy dust set up...

Mr pixy tries to get as much wrap on the cog as possible, so push up possition is the way to go. Chain is so tight I can just rail it on and off. To do this, mr pixy uses half links found here at spicer: link chain link

sram 8 speed chain, but I think SS chain will work. half links come in both sizes. Rubber bands used for fine tuning less than 1/2 link. I actually did not need rubberband at MT Snow.

:D :D :D
this is getting way ahead of my "wrenching" abilities :D

I took my bike to the shop yesterday. I gave up on it.
So my bike is fixed. It was the stupid singulator spring. Best thing, the bike shop didn't charge me a thing! SWEET!...

So after thinking a little bit (surprise), I decided I will stick with the singulator and not put any more money into this old bike. I will ride it until it falls apart (probably very soon), and I am officially in the market for a 29er SS, so if you guys see a deal please send it my way ;) and shhh don't tell my wife.
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