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Looking for new mtb shoes - what are you guys wearing? I have an old set of Sidi Dominators that are worn to the bone. The sole treads are replacable, and the top ratchet buckle are is working well, but the cinch enclosures that go across the top of the foot are falling apart now.

anyone have experience with this site:

their shoe prices are significantly lower than u.s. - the catch is you are dealing with an overseas retailer, so shipping may take longer.
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no shoes

I never fully mastered clip in technology for mtb (although essential for the road experience) found myself upside down a few too many times still clipped in / partially because the terrain can be rocky - which requires quick response (release) OR might need to hike on some of those trails less traveled / either way // light hiking boots with bear trap peddles (they have little pins to dig into your rubber soles) - work well on or off the bike
I've just bought a pair of Nike Durrangos - I'll let you know what they're like after I've ridden with them...
i have a pair of nikes as well...don't know what flavor but they've been great. they're black with three velco closures. i should get at least the rest of this year out of them. they were a HUGE step up from the 1992 shimano kicks i had before.
how do the nikes run? i prurchased a pair back in '97, but they were too narrow, and i eventually had to got rid of them and picked up pair of shimanos
since you're already spoiled by Sidi you'll have to buy another pair.:)
I can't justify the cost for my riding habits so a cheap pair suit me fine.
My Nikes were good to me. They are kinda narrow, but lasted like 8-9yrs then the sole cracked. Bought a pair of Diadoras online cheap and they seem to be well made and solid. Time will tell.
I'm super cheap when it comes to cycling shoes.

I am using Cannondale Carve shoes now:


I think I paid $70 for them.
Tony - I bought my Sidis REAL cheap on-line from a uk site, i believe they were $120, including shipping AND VAT. I am lookng at repalcement sole treads and tension straps, which would "rebuild" my shoes for about $70. That would leave me some scratch to pick up a spare pair like Jay's.

Found 'em here for $165
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