Save this place!

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10 dude. TEN.

Overall, we made the place a lil' more aesthetically pleasing 😀
& we got some positive comments from ppl
A couple more trips like that would make the place more enjoyable.

No creepers tonight though except for us. 😱
& the teenagers when we were leaving who will probably just throw all the leaves back on the trail :getsome:
Yeah I agree with warcricket, darn teens! they destroy everything! haha
I almost wanted to link you to meatspin but I'd probably get insta-banned from the forums hahah. They were just being loud and annoying, probably trying to drink or get high.

You owe me a case of good beer, I checked out Meatspin...the horror, the horror...
So is this place still a homo orgy playground?

Don't ride on Friday or wear blue? I don't understand how a Rutgers park can be so infested with creeps.

That's unfortunate, I've read the place has some nice trails and is easy to access.
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