Saturday 11/5 - Tourne - 12 noon


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
Meeting near Birchwood Lake in the parking lot.

1. Route 46 East or West to Boulevard.
2. Make a left onto Pocono Road from Boulevard. (First Light)
3. Make a right onto West Shore Road and take it all the way to the end.
Great - see ya there - Black Jeep Liberty, UK Flag License Plate on front! Go Brits!
Today Dan, Gerard and myself made it out for 6.5 miles at the tourne. Had a great time and it was nice meeting you Dan. Till next time!
damn, i wish i had seen this yesterday. jason, i have to hook up with you there one of these days..
See, Jason is a gentleman until the end. What he omitted to mention was that after a few climbs I had to walk down the trail a little and Yak! Nice! My excuse? Errrr, I was out the night before and the last pint I had was a bad one - yeah, that's it!!

It was a good ride though - and I din't fall off!

Next weekend is looking sunny so count me in!
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