Salisbury - Bethlehem, Pa


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I made the hike out to Bethlehem today b/c it looked like the only place where it was not raining. I managed to stay dry and found an amazing new place to go riding. Most of the park is on a hillside so it has some relief, and is moderately technical. The trails are well-made and narrow, typically 12-24 inches. I did not go very far today, b/c I was with some novices, but am eagerly anticipating a return visit soon. It is a fun park and is located at the end of Dodson St. in Bethlehem.
Interesting place

I was there this summer for a guided tour.... Lots of single track and the coolest dirt jump. I must have hit that thing a dozen times. (right by the ball field)

It was a way humid day after the rain and every rock in the place was wet. The majority of the place is fist sized square edged rocks firmly in the ground. Slightly similar to Round Valley. As verified by some folks that work their guts out doing trail maint. there and ride like the wind... the place can be treacherous when wet. So sanity was offer when I thought I was having a bad day.
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Strato, nice to hear from you. hope all is going well. We need to catch up with you one of these days.

Yeah, it was pretty wet when I was there as well, and some sections were a bit treacherous. I only hit the dirt jump once though...:eek:
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