running strollers?


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hey all

my wife is an avid runner, and now that little clarkenstein is getting bigger, we're looking into running strollers so she can get some miles in under her feet.

does anyone have any recommendations on brands/type?


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I see alot of moms with these at the waterfront park in South Amboy.

Mrs walter and I just have the In-step one, it converts from a bike trailer to a jogger and its a fraction of the price.


We have an Instep. You can drop some real cake on a jogger and I'm sure the $400 ones are awesome, but this puppy was like $120 on amazon and walks and runs like a champ.


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Chariot. You can buy the kit to make it a bike trailer as well- double duty!


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Fred bought me a Burley baby jogger when we had our son, what a sweetheart he is.:)

The thing is great, even has suspension.


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Babies r us link

I have this one and love it. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them in the Jeep line. I use it regularly on pretty rough terrain as well as roads and rail trails.


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I used Dreamer Design double stroller through 3 kids. I liked it a lot although a bit pricey. Check out how the joggers fold up. It might not be an issue with the single strollers, but with the double strollers, many of them are hard to close, or do not close up small enough for an average trunk. You don't want to end up having to take the wheels on/off everytime you go to use it. It's been my experience with strollers (and I have had 6 of them) that you get what you pay for.
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