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Hi Nick,

Can you drive that route to see if it's feasible? I know the area is pretty industrial and not that I'm trying to put you off but there could be lots of road debris = punctures enroute
I'm definitely going to try and drive this or another route as soon as spring gets here. I would love to be able to bike to work. Just not sure if my road tires could handle those rough areas.

Be careful, that's a big truck route. I had a friend that would commute from north arlington to jersey city. he talked about riding on rt 7 and how there was very little shoulder or how close the trucks came by him. I know he had got clipped by a car, bruised by not seriously hurt. Expects LOTS of debris on the road, especially glass.
Looks like you are riding thru Newark, I'd really seriously consider not doing this and these roads that you are taking from the start are major truck routes. I think that first bridge you cross opens up for boats, so i'd expect major delays there and i honestly don't think there's a sidewalk or let alone a shoulder to ride on.
Even just the Doremus to Wilson section along the water in Newark will eat your tires alive. I used to work at a fuel terminal right along Doremus, on Delancy. You can see the white tanks along the water in the link you posted. Notice one tank is missing, and a few other tank footprints are visible by the rail lines. It wasnt me!! Happened long before my time. Actually, it's a scary story.

Not to mention the smell in that area. Fat rendering plant + sewer treatment plant come together to make anunearthly smell. :drooling:
Agreed, Doremus Ave. is a major truck artery, the last thing drivers are going to be looking for is a dude on a bike.
That area around Doremus & Jersey City is pretty harsh. I get tossed around in my F-250 work truck driving those roads. But at least the scenery is.... oh, wait. never mind.
Good luck finding a good bike route though. At least you're trying.
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