Riding Rollers


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Thankfully, we're all still getting outside and riding our bikes the way God intended. However, at some point most of us will have to do some indoor work, and while the trainer is a vital tool for this, the rollers will do you a lot of good as well.

I've been on them for 10 years + now, and they are a tremendous tool for learning to pedal properly. Any sort of "squares", leaning, mashing, favortism of one side over the other, etc., will quickly (and scarily) reveal itself on the rollers. A front wheel contact patch around the size of a penny doesn't allow for a lack of smoothness.

They're no good for any sort of power work (use the trainer) but for cadence drills and warm-up or recovery spins, they're just the ticket.

And when you get really bored, you can always practice riding no hands, one-legged, taking off/putting on your shirt, and all sorts of other stupid bike tricks!:eek:


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yeah, rollers have their challenges.

But i feel they give you a much better road feel. I sold mine and went to the trainer. I was never able to do the undressing thing on them but i was able to ride no handed and change the chanel.
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