Reviving CheeseQuake trail


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okay so CQ has about 5-6 miles on decent riding . I have spoke to the park several times about revamping the bike trails , to make it simple they just don't have the man power. let me bring you up to speed , Quake has a lot of quick decents followed by quick , steep climbs , some average log overs along the way just enuff to keep you LEARNING!! Recently some newbie went in there and removed every single obstacle or object of fun. So I have decided to revamp these trails on my own (I am accepting help ...hahahaha) , im planning on staging it like 6mile with obstacles/challenges parrell to the trail itself . I have already begun carving some new lines ,on the trail by the dog pens . if theres anyone who rides there that would like to offer support or ideas , please pm me , my goals is to make this a great after work spot to perfect your skills or just get a lil cardio burn . so please feel free to throw suggestions , I will be posting here as progress is being made .. thanks
replying alittle late on cheesquake post...I've been trying new lines also
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