Rattlesnake on White Trail


Had a close encounter with one today by Ryerson school lot today. Hit a blind corner around a switchback and it definitely caught me off guard. Mere inches as it angrily rattled away....o_O
Careful out there folks.....


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Have not heard nor seen so many people having encounters with rattlesnakes in the past few years. Ran into a big healthy guy about 2 years ago up on the webleys pond portion of White. I guess the rain and such didn't drive them back and they want the sun maybe?


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Just for the record, a good percentage of the deaths in that link were handlers. Not a good idea to pick up or try to piss off venomous snakes. In my experience, if you give snakes some space, they will move off. If they do not, there may be a reason. Just find away around with some space. They do not want to bite people. They bite to eat or in self defense. I find that on a bike, encounters can happen more often than on foot. Probably the speed. They can get pissed off if you run them over or give them a close call. I believe it is illegal to kill rattlesnakes in NJ. They are protected.


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I grew up riding in South Carolina where they are literally everywhere. It was kind of a rare ride not to see one. They won’t really mess with you unless they feel threatened. If you come around a turn and get surprised by one chances are it’s not prepped to attack. If it’s stretched out and moving along then it’s just doing it’s thing... if you see one in a coil get the fuck out of there.

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