Powers Announces Retirement


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He had a great run of dominance a few years ago. He has a lot to be proud of. Not sure what exactly happened the last couple seasons but I think he’s making the best decision. Honestly I don’t know how these guys can stay motivated with a pro cycling career.
Also, super nice guy.


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Not sure what exactly happened the last couple seasons
Stephen Hyde.

In all seriousness, he got a bunch of heart health issues that didn't help. His seasons post-national wins were rather mediocre, glad he kind of retired. Which is kind of weird as his mediocre performances are better than the year after year performances from a bunch of the regular UCI riders. But sometimes you need to know when to quit and it seems like had found the right time.

He seemed to struggle after Rapha-Focus to find sponsors, the team fell apart, etc. Probably makes way more sense to just get a regular paycheck, that racing gig only lasts for so long, even if you are super successful.


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I will miss him, but I'm glad he's going to be doing commentary. I know there are people who find him irritating or overbearing, but in general I think he's been really great for growing CX. JAM fund, Rapha-Focus, BtB - the dude really hustled. He self-admittedly had problems with travel to Europe, which I don't think helped.

Want to see him bust out the old Jelly Belly kit one more time for a gravel race or something.


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Had no clue who he was all I thought of is "yeah baby"

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Ironically, that's a pretty accurate impression of JPow.

Powers was hard not to root for, even when he was dominant. As much as I admire Hyde for his dedication and how serious he takes his training & racing, his current US domination has made the sport less exciting to watch. That and the current crop of contenders for sports 2-5 (Kerry, Curtis, Tobin...) are tea-biscuit-boring in comparison.

Jeremy made good decisions through his career to build a well-respected, sponsor-compatible brand around himself. I have no idea whether a gig with GCN will pay the bills but I hope he finds a way to make a solid post-racing career and push the sport up over the current plateau.


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He’s also responsible for Anthony Clark, the closest thing we have to a Sagan character in US cycling. The story of Clark catching powers on a training ride in jorts is legendary.