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Well… 2 weeks ago I won a battle of over 220bpm for an hour… made me feel like sh!t


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You home? Or is this live reporting?
the picture is 2 weeks old… March 5th at about 1:30am my Apple Watch woke me up, at the moment my heart rate was at 210bpm and quickly increased to 220bpm after 35 minutes that it was not going down I decided to actually rush to the Hospital, at the hospital I had no temperature and readings were of over 221bpm and the they couldn’t get it down, doctors had to stop my heart for 2 seconds to reset it, 15min later I felt like if nothing ever happened, the doctors call it Supraventricular Tachycardia, caused by excess of caffeine and stress… recently I left my job at Contemporary Motor Car due to excessive stress cause by coworkers, and I have just started at Mercedes-Benz of Princeton. I was trying to leave my old job for over a year but the Service manager kept on matching whatever other competitors were offering until I finally decided that I really need to leave that toxic place, that place at Little Silver is NOT normal, and too bad I was already feeling sick when I started at Princeton, but today I feel better than ever and energetic, except that my right arm needs to be on light duty due to a Catherization(or whatever you call it) so the stuffed a camera at the vane from my wrist to check the arteries at my heart and that sucked… lol. But I’m here now, drinking less …caffeine and at a non toxic shop free of drama


Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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Sounds like you have a plan.
Remember to ride your bike with your wife!
Glad they got you back.
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