Peloton Ad: Sexist or Stupid?

Is the Peloton Ad sexist or stupid?

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Huh, maybe I’m dense but I thought it was one of the more genuine fitness commercials I’ve seen.

It wasn’t some cleavage infested model just posing on the equipment. It showed the apprehension most people have when embarking on something out of their comfort zone. It shows the users progression and the genuine joy it gave her.

Speaking for myself, my indoor Wahoo/Zwift setup is basically saving my life and I’m extremely grateful for it.


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Would it be sexist if they were a gay couple under the same circumstances? Or the wife got the husband the Peloton? No, no, it wouldn't.

It's only stupid if she expressly said she hated Pelotons, and would never ride one, and he got it anyway. Or if he really got it for himself and just made it seem like it was for her.



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^^^ It's the ball's name!

So they live in a city setting - she comes from the country, and can't ride her bike outside. Def can't train outside. Esp in the winter.
Best gift ever?


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i took an immediate dislike to this commercial. Not stupid or sexist, maybe it was the fact that she video taped herself working out for a year to make a thank you video.


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I'm not a peloton fan... I think there are definitely better ways that someone could spend their money if they wanted to cycle and get fit, but I have some friends that have picked one up over the last few years and they all enjoy it. One of them is a cyclist and rides his road bike, but hates going out in the winter. He tried his bike on the trainer last winter, but didn't enjoy it... not nearly as much as he enjoyed the Peloton. He spent nearly everyday on it last winter and he was a better/stronger cyclist come spring.

As someone that lost a lot of weight, and changed his life around because of cycling, people often ask me what is the secret... I'm not sure what they expect me to tell them. There really is no secret, but the only thing i can really share with them is that they have to find something they enjoy doing. The hardest part about making a lifestyle change to lose weight or get more fit is sticking with it... no matter what you do, it will be hard work. In the beginning, it will be hard to see the gains or any improvement. You'll feel like you're doing work, and not getting anything in return. I think the first 30 days of a new change is the hardest. If people enjoy Peloton and it gets them motivated and moving, that's awesome. I think the commercial accurately portrays how hard it can be to try something new and stick with it.