My right calve has decided to cause me a lot of pain for the past 48 hours- it feels cramped but as much as I stretch and massage it doesnt get any better. Even advil hasn't helped. I can hardly walk it hurts so much! Not sure if I should try biking or running to loosen it up (which would be quite painful) or if it could be something else? Any thoughts??


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Any idea what might have brought about this malfunction?

Further info aside, I'd say do not force the issue by stretching/running/etc. if the discomfort is that acute. Give it some rest, stay on the ibuprofen, try some heat after giving it another 24 hours to settle down.
In the 'old' days they were called 'Charley Horses', and do they bloody hurt!

I had the same thing happen to my left calf over the summer. I kept thinking I may have been dehydrated or something because at no point did I actually feel I injured it.

One of the OTC meds I use with pretty good success is "Hyland's Homeopathic - Leg Cramps with Quinine". For me it worked better than any other thing I tried, but it did take several days for the pain to begin to lessen.

Hope you feel better soon. :)


Thank you for your thoughts!!

I have drank water, eaten bananas (potassium), looked at my running sneakers (are they too worn?), increased salt, iced it, used heat- today I even spun a bit on a stationary bike to warm it up and then stretch/massage- all to no avail. Walking is becoming a chore- I can't really do it b/c the pain is too much.

Now the back of my lower right leg is swollen! That can't be good.

I've been running and biking but I can't think of a moment when I "injured" it like you said Rosy. I had an athletic trainer look at it- he thinks I tore the muscle a bit. I'm going to seek out a doctor- any good names?

I'll keep you posted- any ideas/thoughts/advice/similar stories please share!
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I'd like to give you some feedback but I don't have any similar stories/experiences. My initial thought is not a torn muscle. Seems kinda hard to tear a muscle and not know it. Another thought is that it's a flare-up of some kind. Maybe joints, tendons, or ligaments are flaring up for some reason. Often times that will just swell and go away. Or more left field it could be something like a spider bite, which has happened to my wife though you usually see a big red mark where it happened. Could also be an overuse injury. When I talked to you at Tymor you said you work out a lot, so it's possible something just got sick of being used and is letting you know. Or maybe you broke a bone in February and it's just complaining now :)

I don't think using it is a good idea though. Stay off it. Keep on the ibuprofen if it helps.


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I was once stung by an insect and did not have any swelling until the next day. I think the delayed swelling is an interesting clue to your condition and may not be injury related. I like Norm's spider bite theory. Do you have a sudden urge to eat flies?

As an aside if anyone hasn't tried Arnica Gel for bruises, strains, etc.. you might want to. I have had great results with this stuff.



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Listen to your body. Rest. Yer in tip top shape and it won't hurt at all to give it a rest. If you have medical insurance I can't think of any reason not to go to the doctor like right now. Why guess and then try to remedy the guess. Warmth, massage, bath.
It's a good idea to see a doc if it's just getting worse.

This past summer I pulled the tendon in my right knee. I've gone to the Universiry Orthopaedic Group in New Brunswick several times over the years for treatment/surgery when I've had problems. They also have offices in Princeton, Neptune, and Somerset, and have 11 (!) doctors.

They're not very local for you, but they treat all the Rutgers athletes, and one of the doctors who performed surgery on my hand went to the Sydney Olympics to treat the US Olympic Team. So they do know their business sports-wise.

But it doesn't seem clear at this time if your problem is bone or joint related. Just thought I'd mention it anyway. Good Luck! :)


Turns out it is a strained soleus. RICE and thats about it. Hoping to be better for the mountain man. Thanks for all the help!
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