NYCross Round 3 ... Troy


Hudson Valley Girl
With alot of riders heading to the Westwood Cyclocross in Mahwah NJ, a few went north to Troy, NY for Round # 3 of the Series. The course was fast, mostly freshly cut grass with a long uphill paved start. Reaching the top of the Start uphill placed more than 130 total riders on a long decent into a tight left hand turn than back up another long climb :drooling: Once at the top we went directly into a double set of high barriers. The next section was a tight and twisty switchback section, which for me was good to catch my breath. After a few long grassy sweeping off camber sections it was down into the front area of the 1 1/2 mile course. This section had a twisty, slippery downhill that lead to a rideable short but steep up than to a another steep up with stairs :drooling: than back through the start/finish line. I was very happy to win the Cat 4 Women's race. Tommy also did well by finishing in 14th in the highly competitive Masters group. Round # 4 moves across the NY State line into Bennington VT.

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