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Some of the NYCMTB guys are going to Ninham on Sunday morning. Never been there but I hear it is awesome. They are meeting in Queens. I live in Union county and will be driving up at 6:30am (haven't gotten up that early since middle school!!!) It is about 1hr45mins from my house and we will ride for about 4+ hrs I believe. We should be on the trail by 8:30 and I would like to be home no later than 4pm. I have room for two others if they want to share gas and tolls and live north of Morristown off 287. Anyone interested? Jeromy
The ride report will be much the same as it always is at Ninham- simply amazing technical trails that put everything else in the area to shame. ;) The builders out there have built some incredible trails. Nice stunts. Tons of log rides. Lots of drops. And wicked technical trails for those who keep their wheels on the ground.

The video won't be quite as snowy as this:

It'll be much less green than this:

And much closer to this one I shot last month:

(right click to download each)
That place looks sweet! I'll definitely head up there another time but can't make it this weekend...
Food poisoning or something got me on Saturday. Serious gut pain meant no ride for me. Jeromy didn't make it either, from what I hear... but word from the guys who did go was that the snow got in the way of some of the really good and technical play spots...
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