New Titus bikes



New race bike called the X.

(On a side note, seriously, enough of the X already. I can only think of Giant off-hand, but it seems without the letter, mountain bikes wouldn't have names anymore.)

Cool bike though, drops a half pound, adds some travel and and fork clearance from the Racer-X.

The carbon version loses weight as well, but IMO didn't lose nearly enough since it still comes nowhere near the Spark.

And the trail bike is the FTM. Drops more than half a pound from the ML and travel bumps to 135mm (from 5 to 5.3").

What's interesting is that both the RacerX and ML aren't being replaced (for now) and both stick around and see price drops. The new bikes are pricey, $2300 for frames; the old ones drop to $1700.
The El G is now ugly and the hardtail comes in a cool steel-exogrid version.
New Van Dessel and Jamis bikes too:
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