National Trails Day thanks!!!


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I would like to thanks those who came out on a crazy hot day. We worked on some problem areas above the reservoir & drank lots of water. :drooling:

Mike Wolert
Maryanne Surowiec
Nadine Dalesandro
Karen Workman
Bob Workman
Nelson Maldonado
Tony Wei
Rich Puglisi
Michael Foster
Graham Bremner
Brian Gorensee (Spelling?)
Kirt Mills
& the other gentleman who didn't sign the form.

I would also like to thank the 2 Boy Scout Troops who came out. 1 group closed off a rogue social trail & the other spent the day trimming the over growth. Also the 4 Park Rangers who came out to help on National Trails Day & for supplying the water & snacks.
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Hey Kirt, I was over at the rock on Tuesday and noticed a lot of overgrown areas in the section between Chimney Rock Road and Gilbride. My forearms look like someone tried to cut me to shreds!! Would it be cool if I went down there one am and cleaned it up? If so could I get some points for it?



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i clean whatever i runs into it, especialy those pricks!
how about some points for me sir.kirt,....:)

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