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I usually leave home by 7 so I can be at work around 8. That means mornings like this water runoffs become ice. I've become pretty good at spotting black ice but sure enough this morning coming down Bissel rd. it all went slow motion from the time my front wheel washed out to when I stopped skidding on the ice...

That is nothing, however, compared to what came next. Ahead of me was a herd of deer, a good dozen of them; and as they scurried across the road, I kept hearing that huge 'twang', like some god plucking his harp. As I came around I saw what made the sound: rows of barbed wire through which the deer were jumping... Made my blood freeze (even more).



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Wake up!

That's a helluva way to start your day.

I wish I lived close enough to work to be able commute, but the ride is too long/work starts too early.

A saving grace is that I can be on my bike by 3:15PM, so I can't really complain.


lucky YOU didn't hit the barbed wire!

...or slide into traffic! I've been biking to work for 8 months now but I try to drive if the conditions are icy or heavy rain. Now I know why! This morning was nice- 10 degrees with massive headwind!

PS- Maurice, don't you work at a bike shop, you HAVE to bike to work then!

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