Memorial Ride this Sunday


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Sad note here but I thought I would post this if anyone wants to join. I was deeply affected by this incident as I ride 9W very often. Thousands of riders every week make the GW bridge to Bear mountain every week. I came across the scene of the accident shortly after it occured and my cage has been rattled ever since as the rider did nothing wrong and frankly it could have been anyone that got hit. I have been in touch with some of his closest friends and went to see him at the hospital.The damage was too great and he passed away the night before Thanksgiving. See the link below for additional information about the loss of a good man and experienced rider who left before his time.
Anyone who would like to join in the ride PM me and we can do hot chocolate or lunch or something at my place afterwards.


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Post somethin' on the BTCNJ site; I'm sure you'd get a good response from the roadie contingent.

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