May 20, Escape From Granogue

ill be at a wedding the night b4 for a good buddy of mine. Who knows what will happen that night.

Second event for that date im skippin out on BOOO
I think the same day is the XC race in Manhattan. I'm definitely not missing that. I did Granogue last year and had a blast. Those trails are only used on race day so expect some greasy sections, especially in the beginning (assuming the course is the same).

There is a fair amount of climbing (or so I remember...).

Good luck,

Ah the NYC XC race, forgot about that. Yeah the course is a closed estate only used once a year.
Trying to see if I can make this one work. The next two weekends are rough in our family, with Mothers Day, my parents' anniversary, and my father's birthday all coming in a 6 day span.

Cool to hang out with the folks, but I wasn't planning on missing Wawayanda either, so now I'm really jonesing for an mtb race. French Creek on Mothers Day ain't likely to happen.
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