Mahlon Sun 7/16 8:30am


Stan LeCupp

Looking to ride Mahlon Sun at 8:30am. Hopefully beat the heat a little.I'll probably do about 15 miles. Average pace. Anyone interested?
I'm in!
Only rode there once, in a thunder and lighting storm.
Just need to know were to park.


Take route 15 north. After passing pathmark sign on left take second exit on right for weldon rd (two exits close together).Continue right on weldon rd.After 1 - 2 miles parking is on right at saffin pond. Parking lot is visible from Weldon rd.

See you there
alex, are you going to ride at all during the week? i have guests in town all weekend and already have too many beers in me to know i can't make it tomorrow...
I might be riding on Wednesday as long as it's not raining and I don't get asked to work.

Come along tomorrow if you can. There's chances to bail out if you have a hangover or have to go early:)
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