Lost saddle bag


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If anyone happens to find a Speedsleeve saddle bag in hartshorne or Huber, It’s probably mine. Please let me know. If you find and don’t let me know, karma will come for you.


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I posted this as a comment in Strava to some of my buddies that ride down south that are not on here - maybe they will come across it you never know.

I would also suggest posting to any of the NJ Facebook MTB groups increases the odds someone might see it or look for it.


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Thanks guys. It’s a black bag with a few years of dust embedded into the fibers. So it’ll look like a rock! I rode all of Huber thru clay pit lot thru hartshorne and noticed it was gone at the beginning of Rocky point. Rode everything out the same way in reverse with hope of finding it. I suspect it was immediately buried by leaves.


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One morning last summer I dropped my phone in Huber and didn't notice until I was on Rocky Point at Hartshorne. Retraced my entire ride and actually found the empty baggie I keep it in @ Huber.

Got home to a note from Rustynuts. And my phone. "Hey, someone found this phone and asked me if I might know who owned it. Recognized your daughter from the screensaver".

There's no moral to this story, I just felt like repeating it. :)

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