Looking for Full Suspension bike advise



I'm currnetly riding Prophet 400 with many upgrades (Cross Trail wheels, hydr brakes and light fork) but looking for a lighter frame for local XC races and vermont 50 but the frame should be be stiff enough for aggresive XC and light drops

C-dale Rush or the Gaint Trance X, while they both are super light, they will be able to handle the other types of riding you are looking for....
get the best Specialized Stump jumper you can afford. You won't regret it. the Giant and c dale rush are good, but think the big red S got it right.
Just a frame. Money is an issue. up to $1000

Yeti ASR and Titus Moto-lite are great bikes. Frames retail for around $2100.
What size are you? Because my husband has an 07 Yeti Asr size medium for sale, barely used. I think someone has dabs on parts, but frame may still be available.
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You are probably better off buying a complete bike and parting out the stuff on ebay. For instance, the Trance X2 goes for $1800 with a Fox Fork and Shock. If you part out everything including the fork, you would get a frame around or less than $1000.
Just a frame. Money is an issue. up to $1000

I picked up my Stumpjumper FSR frame (came with rear suspension components, specialized seat clamp and chainstay protector) for $650 on eBay.. I've been finding some pretty amazing deals on there. I'm 6'2" and went with a large frame, fits me well. Either way, good luck with your build.

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