LM conditions


LM was in allright shape today. Took the yellow over the orange to the green back to the yellow, looped around back to the other side of the orange and back to the green for that side. Went across the street and did the boat loop from right to left starting at the bottom side of patriots path by the homes.

On the yellow the swith descent from the fire road to the back parking lot was a little slick. Other then that all was fine on that side.

On the boat loop, the rivine climb was a little sloppy, but all was makeable.

Nice turnout, it looked like to me for 10:30. Hope everyone had fun. Ended it off with two pints of the black stuff at the Dublin Pub and a burrito from moe's!

3:30 What to do? Maybe an hour loop at Tourne b4 the evenings events?
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