Lewis Morris Conditions

I rode from about 11:30 to 12:20. It was a mix of garbage. Ice, snow, mud, and a little dry but soft. Was the least fun I ever had mountain biking but felt good since I hadn’t been on the bike since Oct.


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Hiked Lewis morris today around 2:30. I was superised to see so many bikers out there. It looked a little sketchy, but the bikes seemed to handle the conditions fine. The trails were handling the traffic very well.


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Solid 2" new snow in Motown. I think Lewis morris could be treacherous tom.
thanks, I have studded tires, but don't think anyone else does in my ride group
Beside rain is expected to start around midnight, oh well... when in doubt, Zwift


JORBA: Morris Trails
I find a good alternative to Lew Mo if you want to get a ride in locally is Patriots Path. It gets a decent amount of local foot traffic from nearby residents walking their dogs and that tends to pack things down after a few days.