Lacing straight pull set of wheels for the first time, crossing over or under?


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I've laced a few set of wheels and never really had any issue. I'm using the Sheldon Brown website for directions (I don't do this often enough to remember all of the right things to do so I always read the instructions before lacing a new set of wheels.

This time I wanted to try something different and due to the cheapish price I could get on a set of DT Swiss 350 straight pull hubs I decided to give it a swirl.

Placing the spokes on the hub is an extremely easy process, there's no way you can insert the spoke in the wrong place or direction (as long as you use the correct spoke length for the side of the hub you're building) and even the crossing comes automatically, but then I realized that instead of the classic 2 over 1 under crossing pattern (the hub can only be laced as a 3 cross pattern), it is 2 under and 1 over.
Since the leading spokes are the internal to the flange and the trailing spokes are external to it, I don't see how else the crossing pattern could be, but researching on the intraweb I can only find references to either 2 over 1 uder or even no interlacing at all. I watched a DT Swiss instructional video but it's hard to tell.

What is weird is that this is true only of the driving side, the brake side is the other way around (leading spokes external, trailing spokes internal). King of bothers my OCD...

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge on the subject to share?
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Really, you can't build it wrong. Run all the inner spokes, then run the outer spokes. If the outer spoke touches or comes within a short distance of the inner, cross it under.