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I may be riding Jungle Habitat for the first time Saturday...could some one please recommend a loop or a route that’s best to get nice ride in for 1.5-2hrs that’s a fun ride that is best to see the place for the first time? Will prob be riding solo


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Park at bottom gate (don't think gate is open to drive up). Ride past gate, past very first kiosk, and take a left and immediate right - the middle Animal Chute. Pop out into big parking lot, go diagonal to right across lot to pick up Warthog (tamest trail). At fence opening at bottom, go right and pick up Otterslide (use TrailForks to get you there because I always get confused). Otterslide is a fun swithback up, at fork go right to Rhino. Can either take Rhino Horn or stay on Rhino. Go kinda straight on Tiger Fence and Tanks. Take Fish(?) I think to next intersection. That would put you at base of Bab and Boon (the harder of the trails). Choice then is Dump Truck loop or the smoother cobblestone-like trail that I forget the name of. Then, a leftish to Hippo, some safari roads, and then Lower Animal Chute to car. Fun place, relentless rocks. Download TrailForks on your phone since I wasn't the best of help. but gave you the names of some of the better trails there, and the better direction to go. Have fun!

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