It happened again ! This time Green Mountain Trails


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Apparently entitlement is running rampant. This time some riders decided to ignore Private Property signs while riding The Green Mountain Trails in Vermont. And then when confronted by owners , instead of simply turning around they got verbal with the owners. Matt who is basically the caretaker of these trails , seems to have made some sort of peace with said owners. But he fears trail closings may be imminent. I'm not too tech savvy . I'm sure someone can pull the story from Green Mountain Trails FB page.


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"One of my biggest fears surrounding these trails that so many people have worked so hard to build and put on the map came to fruition today. Some riders blundered into some clearly posted private property and instead of apologizing and doing an about face, they chose to berate the landowners. Not just any landowners, but ones that have been so gracious with their property, that there is a trail bearing their name. We are trying our best to make amends, but trail closures could be imminent. Yup, it’s happening again."
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