Is anyone else tracking the whale situation in NJ?


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If it does, in fact, get scientifically proven that a majority of the whale deaths were caused by vessel strikes, will the rallying cry be changed to stop all shipping? Like, while the speaker is there at Sunday's rally, and mid speech he gets a memo that indeed, ships are killing the whales, will he stand there and say "We must end shipping now!"

I think it's fair that a discussion about the whales and windfarms include discussion on climate change and alternative energy, which unfortunately inevetibly involves politics. It's all intertwined. If a plane crashes, the crew that built the landing gear can't say "Hey, we didn't build the engine that failed!" Bottom line is the plane crashed.

As far as mandating solar, I believe when a developer removes substantial tree cover, whether it's a quarter acre or 20 acres, it should be part of building code as a way to restore environmental damage done. Any good tree ordanance in any town has things like this built in, take out one, replace with another. When it's 120 degrees in August and there's no shade trees around your house, be prepared to run those ACs full blast. Let's let a wind farm or a solar panel pay for it.

Either way, let's hope for some amazing technical advancements in world energy use/management soon, in general. Clock's ticking.....


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The leading cause of whale deaths from human interaction are from entanglement in fishing gear. We should also add the overfishing of our oceans to the discussion.


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I've been following them for years. Occasionally donate. They really open your eyes to just how bad we are destroying the planet.

Same. I dont remember exactly how, but somehow I came across SS through Rise Against. Maybe a video or something years ago.


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If it does, in fact, get scientifically proven that a majority of the whale deaths were caused by vessel strikes,
The argument against the turbines has nothing to do with vessel strikes or commercial fishing. The "mystery" is how many are showing up dead without any visible injury. Whales rely almost entirely on sound so the popular theory right now is that the massive amount of sonar being used by the surveying contractor is disrupting all of their senses. This is what a lot of these "green" initiatives overlook. The wind energy company may have the best intentions and probably did a long term environmental impact study, but do the contractors they hire give a shit? Did they ask the contractors what their plan was to survey the ocean floor or do they just throw out an RFQ and give a contract to the winning bidder because their quote fits the budget...?


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Whale Covid?….. my guess is the whales are dying in the golf stream and being dumped on Jerzy beach’s cuz where else is the ocean going to dump stuff. The ocean sees Atlantic city and decided that NJ was a good place to dump some bodies…. Just saying :rolleyes:
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