Indoor/Outdoor Winter 2018-2019


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i really like this zwift thing - it is hard to let people just ride away!

not sure if i could set the trainer to XXX watts (or maybe XX watts for me) and just pound out time watching something
although i do it on the elliptical occasionally - speaking of which - when is zwift elliptigo coming?


aka Fidodie
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how many hours to get the helmet, think I only have socks so far...
btw< I've noticed pain in the elbows after riding indoors. Anyone also experienced the same?
Think the helmet is a freebie. I'm approaching 5 hours (wow) and I have a bunch of sox and enve wheels!!! Oh, and an alliez (sp). Got to get the Tron wheels!

Nothing on the elbows. I think I'm running the wrong saddle.


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OK so I thought I had posted a catch up but it seems I missed the button this time where is says "post reply". Also been busy on my job search so making time for rides but not posting them has been the routine the last few weeks.

So this is not some attempt to be vain or show off my riding its more to keep the pulse of this thread alive. I will just put some highlights here since my last update was my Ramp test from Jan 30th.

Feb 1st - end of the Polar Vortex period. Did a Zwift workout that I downloaded which focuses on high cadence and building leg speed.
Distance15.4 mi (virtual miles)
Moving Time 56:15

Feb 3rd - Outdoors!
Frosty Start and Defrosted Finish
Distance 35.4 mi
Moving Time 2:21:30
Avg Speed 15.0 mi/h
Avg Watts 149 W
Elev Gain 2,044 ft

Temps started at 16F at 8 and we finished around 10:30 it was almost 40F. If I had more time it was a great day to keep going. Took a buddy with me that just got over a cold so we finished up the ride nice and easy.

Feb 4th Saline Rinse

Distance31.1 mi
Moving Time1:54:55
Avg Speed16.3 mi/h
Elev Gain1,729 ft
nearly 60 degrees out when I finished!

Guess the groundhog was right!
Boss was away so got in some extra miles in the warm weather on the winter bike, the full melt was on last week so it was wet and gritty everywhere but boy was it nice out. I was so overdressed I almost took off my jacket and tied it around my waist or stashed it in the woods.


will add a few more updates in the next post this one is getting too long.


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And then there was this last week...

Feb 5th

This started as a joke the night before with one of my good riding buddies who is also in the WFH club. I made a joke he should call in sick and ride with me, next thing I know he's sending me 3 different routes to choose from for the day. Plan was to do a metric and boy was it epic.

Mike and Ian's Excellent Metric Adventure
Distance 63.2 mi
Moving Time 3:51:20
Avg Speed 16.4 mi/h
Avg Watts 181 W
Elev Gain 4,085 ft

We delayed the start till 10AM since all of a sudden we had a passing shower and some dark clouds and we didnt want to start out a long ride all wet. It was cloudier and cooler than they forecast when we left but we could see the clouds already clearing. My buddy mike is a great route planner but even a better rider much stronger and faster (and 14 years younger!) than me but he took it easy on me. He made us a route heading northwest into Hacketstown, past the M&M factory and up into allamuchy with our ultimate desitnation of Mohawk Lake. we made our way back by looping the far side of Lake Hopatcong and back into some familiar roads towards Denville and Roxbury. At mile 50-ish we were out of water so we did a quick pit stop and then decided we are going for the metric. Heading back towards our area and did a few local loops to round out the miles but boy were we hungry. No pics of my lunch i ate it way too fast but it was a full Meatball Parm hero.

Epic. Day. Perfect. Weather.



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Feb 6th Back to Tights, Back to Reality

I needed a recovery ride badly but didnt want to sit still on Zwift so I went outside. Considering it was 20+ degrees colder it was like a bad reality check but i kept it to flat roads and I felt better at the end then I thought I would.

No pics too lazy.

Distance 17.2 mi
Moving Time 1:06:57
Avg Speed 15.5 mi/h
Avg Watts 122 W
Elev Gain 528 ft

Feb 9th.

I took 2 days off fully as I was more wiped out from the metric than I thought I would be. I had limited time so I tried to do a Zwift workout and failed miserably, so I aborted the workout and hit the shower after like 25 minutes.

Feb 10th

Topping off the Week with an Ice Stream Sunday
Distance 50.3 mi
Moving Time 3:16:47
Avg Speed 15.4 mi/h
Avg Watts 166 W
Elev Gain 4,055 ft

After checking in with my regulars no one was available to ride or wanted to brave the colder temps, so I decided I was going solo. With chemical warmers in my gloves, shoes and some body warmers stuck to my baselayer under my jacket, the plan was to do 40-ish miles and maybe hit a few hills. It felt cold and damp when I left but I could already tell that it might be a day with what I call Magic legs. Meaning the kind of day when your legs and your mind become one and you can decide at will which hill you want to climb next.

During the ride as I headed west to Califon i had to dismount a few times for some runoff ice in the road, but nothing too bad.


I didnt have a specific route planned but I did scope out some new roads to connect to some familiar ones, with no idea how much climbing would be involved. Every time I decided to go a little further or do another climb, my legs replied with - sure why not? Next thing I know I am over 3000ft elevation and around 40+ miles, and I was still about 10 miles from home. Now the plan was to hit 4000ft of miles before I finished. I only had to do about 5 miles of loops around my neighborhood to get the last 200 feet but it was worth it and then I hit 50 miles. felt like I could have kept going still but it was time to get home.

Feb 11th
45 min zwift recovery nice and easy spin.


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Feb 13th

Zwift speed cadence drills again. Planning to race at the NJBA TT series again this season first event is March 30th at Sandy Hook so these kind of sessions help with my training plans.

Hope I didnt make a mistake by signing up for HoH the week before the race event!

Feb 14th
A Shift in Plans
Distance17.1 mi
Moving Time1:02:46
Avg Speed16.4 mi/h

Got in a ride before the whole fake Holiday thing called Vtines day. I think I hate this holiday almost as much as Halloween. - OK I hate Halloween more.


Nothing like breaking a shifter cable within a few miles of your favorite local bike shop. I knew the shifting was wonky the last few rides but after getting it adjusted 2 previous times no one thought it was the shifter cable again. Had to ride in the 34/11 for about 3 miles good thing it was mostly flat. I keep going thru these every few months hopefully this new type one lasts longer. Martys crew saves the day again.


Feb 15th -
A Splash of Salt (Water)

Distance 25.2 mi
Moving Time1:31:21
Avg Speed16.6 mi/h

I didnt know it was suposed to be so warm today, I was able to ride in just leg warmers, base layer and a long sleeve jersey and vest. I put the rear rain fender on the road bike cause i knew it was gonna be wet with all the runoff and I was right. Made a quick pit stop back into Martys to tweak the shifting again and then I was back on the road for a nice warm spin. Could have done without the headwind on the way back for about 8-10 miles but I will take it.

No pics I was lazy today.

And now I am caught up with all my BIYF posting. I am lucky to get time outdoors but once I get a new job I can foresee going back to ass crack of morning Zwift rides and only be outdoors on the weekends... so enjoying it while I can.

I have been hoping to get more on the trails and meet/ride with more of you folks but this weather is not cooperating for trail riding and I know well enough to stay off the trails, especially as a former NICA coach. Hope to see some/all of you at Short track tho I have not signed up pending my sons Basketball playoff schedule first.

Ride safe all.
Think the helmet is a freebie. I'm approaching 5 hours (wow) and I have a bunch of sox and enve wheels!!! Oh, and an alliez (sp). Got to get the Tron wheels!

Nothing on the elbows. I think I'm running the wrong saddle.
Its not tron wheels... its a full Tron bike and you get it by completing the everest climbing challenge. When you climb the equivalent of Everest, 29,028' while having the challenge engaged, you'll win a Trek Emonda. If you continue the challenge and climb up the equivalent of 164,042', you'll win the Tron bike.

In terms of saddle soreness, its probably just a function of not moving like you do outside. Many people don't realize just how much the bike moves under them when riding them, until they get on a trainer, where it is locked in place.