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Yo Bradski...........I appreciate you keeping me in mind for rides. Thanks. I'm resting my wrists till Sunday or I definately would have come. I love to ride on Tuesdays. Maybe next Tuesday. Like you ain't looking super good anyway so far. Hope things are good with you.😉
I guess I will officially call this ride. I just checked the radar and it looks like it should start pouring approx. 3:00, so instead of driving to meet the rain we will postpone it until next week. However, I do intend on riding there tomorrow at 3:30 if anyone is interested let me know.
I am riding Wawayanda tomorrow (saturday). I am flexible with time so PM me if you want to go. The last two times I rode I didn't see any bear, weird...i am starting to worry i usually see them (as you mentioned) everytime.

Missed this post. I was away the weekend. But if you wanna hit up Wawayanda some time let me know as well. I'm recovering from a sprained ankle this week and it should hopefully be good for the weekend since I'm racing at Ringwood. So I'll be doing light riding if at all this week. Maybe next week will be good for a Waway ride.
I am actually out today (wed). I just found out someone needs to leave early and I have to cover their class, last period of the day of course! I will not get out of here until 3:15, no way I can get up there much before 4.

Hopefully we can reschedule this soon.
I am stuck at work today until 3:30. I have a tennis make up session. Hopefully, we can work a ride out for Mahlon next Tuesday.
I just remembered about this post and ride.

SpartaBrad-sorry you can't make it, if anything changes last minute come on out. I can still go tomorrow but I won't be able to make it until 3:45? So Ellen (or anyone else) if you want to go that late let me know or we can try Wednesday at 2:30???
That sounds good to me. I think I have one other taker also.

Tuesday, Saffins pond lot 3:45, with a 3:00 pre-loop possible.

Should be nice. It was beautiful today in the woods.
I do plan on getting out there, but it will be after you guys take off. Maybe I will see you guys around on the trails.

Sean are you spinning in MD tomorrow after work?
Ellen- I will meet you there around 3:45. I sent you my cell if anything changes. One big question though is, do you know your way around Mahlon? Because I don't!!! 🙄
Yes, I know my way around to a degree. .... Meaning, I can find some good trails and get you back to the car in close to the right time. I'll bring a map to be sure and glasses, so I can read the map too. 😉

Can't wait! It should be a nice day.
sorry you could not make it brad and joan. It was a beautiful day yesterday. The trails were in awesome shape and the mild temps have been so nice. Many leaves down so you really had to look for the trail trace. We had a nice group of 3 ladies, and it was one of those days that makes you feel thankful to be alive.

Hope you both get a chance to get out before the next round of rain.
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