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Moved to Madison from Hoboken last year around this time.... I moved to the area in 2002 from New Hampshire, and was originally pretty discouraged in trying to find some fun on my bike... seems there are more than a few people who would prefer Mt. Bikes were never made... anyway, I'm pretty close to Mo-town and finally found some fun stuff at Pat's Path (or whatever that park is called)... I'm psyched to find some more trails, hoping to find some buds to ride with...

I ride a 2000 Gary Fischer Big Sur (hard tail). When I was in NH, I rode nearly every day when weather allowed... so I was in pretty good shape... fast forward to today, I've ridden about a dozen times in the last 5 years, work hours and accessibility to trails limited my riding. Now that I'm closer to the trails, I hope to change all that (although I have other priorities now - wife, child, house).

I love the technical stuff (not trial riding technical), and nice rythmic single track. I like the big climbs, though I'm not in shape enough to make them now. I typically ride anywhere from an hour to several hours depending on what kind of riding, and when.

More recently, I've gone on some trips up to Mt. Snow for some DH riding, which is a blast - Although, I have a feeling that as I get more and more comfortable on the DH, crashes will be more and more difficult to recover from - armor helps.

I should add that rides that end in beer and/or ice cream are probably my most favorite. I lived in Westford, MA (near Concord) for a little while and there was a great little park that had a state run organic farm in the middle of it. They sold ice cream made from the cows there. It was awesome to ride for a couple hours and then sit by the pond chowing on a waffle cone...

Anyway, I'm psyched to get riding again and looking forward to weekend rides while the trails are rideable, and hopefully some early evenings when the days get longer again.

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