Hefe and Wit


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I thought that calories was more related to alc/vol and since most Hefes and Wit beers were less than 5% that the cal count was relatively low.

Correct. Calories are more related to alcohol content (original and final gravity), not yeast haze.


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image.jpg OK. Getting ready to do some recycling...I have been drinking the Hefes and Wits (maybe a occasional gose) when it is not rainy and damp...

Port City, Optimal Wit - Good but flat within 90 second of the pour.
Allagash White, Good Stand By, Not Spectacular.
Old Pro Gose, MD, Pretty Good, special due to the fact that it was a gift from a dear friend.
New Belgium, Heavy Melon, Really Good!
Ramstein Dunkle, Awesome or Terrible, depends on the batch. Really good when on!
St. Bretta, Off the Hook but crazy expensive. Worth every penny.

Enjoy. Cheers!
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Not so into hefe or wit, though Carton wit whale is pretty tight. I do love euro style beers. Pilsner is always great in summer. One of my favorite beers is Flying Fish Winter Cru (formerly Grand Cru). Just a fine belgian style winter beer. Though this year's batch wasn't especially good. I'm also big on Saisons. If I go to a beer bar and there's a saison, I'm gonna get it fo sho.
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