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I don't know who uses GU Energy Gel by GUsports but I'm pretty much addicted to Banana Blitz. I just went to refresh my supply and Marty's has a promotional pack from GUsports. When you buy a 24 pack, you get a free 2LB canister of GU2O. I've been wanting to try this stuff out and free is a great number in my book. Yesterday I gave it a try and I can say it tastes good but I'm not sure I felt any better vs. water. In fact the sugery after taste made me want water even more. But I guess that's a good way to keep you sipping along. I have TONS more GU2O so we'll see how it does over the weekend.

ALSO, people who are using GU Gels, save your empty packets!!! After you save 50, mail them to:

GU's Stash Your Trash
1221 Eighty Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

You'll get 5 free packets for every 50 empties. If you send 200 in, they send you some swhag.

Here's the coupon for mailing in your empties:
Oh, nice! I like the cappacinno flavor gu gel things. They're yummy.
If you ask me, after 200 GU packs they should give you a free dentist visit.
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