Grasshopper Kids Bike Race, August 10, Cedar Grove


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And the pre reg count continues to climb, thanks for supporting kid racin!

The kid’s korse is totally fast right now, kids and parents and riders and volunteers should take some time to figure out their fast lines

Speaking of volunteers, we need race day help to ensure a safe and enjoyable event, contact organizer thru this post or come out and step up on race day morning, do your part to spread the bike joy to kids

Happy trails


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bit of shred prep last nite trimming back tall grass etc, kid's korse looks and rides awesome, perfect for newer and more experienced riders

another mgmt decision........let's let ebikes into the 1030 "fun" ride, but they must run without a left pedal......

parents and NICA kids in grade 9 and higher and any riders are all invited to the fun ride, no prizes, likely no glory but it will be "fun"


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The kid’s korse has been further marked and prepped, it is super fast and perfect for lil rippers (there are some 4& 5 year olds coming) thru aged out way expensive bike ridin og’s

The pathways to the kid’s korse from both parking areas (cedar grove comm cent on Fairview ave & Alaris back employee parking lot on keenly st) has been marked w bright pink tape hanging on trees

We look forward to welcoming new and returning racers on sat aug 10


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Thanks for another awesome event. And everything you do for the kids. I saw a ton of smiles today. And lots of kids giving it everything out on the course. Zoe had a great time as usual. And I enjoyed myself racing with the adults.
See you next year

I also wanted to thank anyone else who helped out today. You guys made the event what it was.

Also parents plan this for your kids for next year. It's an awesome intro into mountain biking/ racing.

And my wife took a bunch of pictures. I'll put up a link a little later.



Thanks as well -- My daughter had a blast. We had left before the results/medals for the K-1 race, and while I think my daughter was bringing up the rear I figured it'd be doing her a disservice not to check :)

@moose35 We'd love to see those pictures! Thanks to your wife for being out there and getting the shots!!


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link to my drive with the 2019 hilltop grasshopper race.
Photo Credit @DianaMayosky
Hilltop Grasshopper 2019 064.jpg

here are some of the kids......
@taylor185 Miles
Hilltop Grasshopper 2019 068.jpg

@UtahJoe Bob
Hilltop Grasshopper 2019 012.jpg

Hilltop Grasshopper 2019 048.jpg

@BJ (not sure if hes on here) Bradley
Hilltop Grasshopper 2019 060.jpg

@Tenafly Bicycle Workshop Noah
Hilltop Grasshopper 2019 085.jpg

Isa's Brother Sebi ( @Robin could you share link with them?)
Hilltop Grasshopper 2019 348.jpg

And Zoe
Hilltop Grasshopper 2019 167.jpg


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Many thx to all the kids and parents who came to race and cheer, we appreciate the pics and feedback and will have updates on the Grasshopper site shortly. Will include addl pics and results for top finishers. Everyone is encouraged to help spread the kid bike fun and pass on kudos to all the kids who raced on our brand new Korse. There were some muddy bits and lots of curves and natural obstacles to navigate, pretty close to real riding and an intro to a NICA type of event but much smaller scale
This event is possible because so many people help to prepare for it and promote it and help on race day to ensure a safe and fun day. Brendan at cycle craft, invaluable and grasshopper founder, registration team, Mary Beth, Anne and Ronda making that as smooth and easy as possible, judges and Marshall’s, Dino, Stephen, Michael, Frank, Stephane, Scotty, Hamish, apologies to missed helpers, and student racers for leading out, sweeping helping in general

The new location created some growing pains, we need to improve on the parking and entrance marking and lay out the infield differently to allow more people to be right along the course, we will continue to evolve and enhance

We will be back next year and hope all of you will too. Meanwhile we hope we’ll see riders on our local trails enjoying some pedaling and exploring

Kids on bikes, it’s all good


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Girls results, top 3 in order

Gabriella Z
Brynna M
Annabelle B

Makayla F

Zoe M
Theodora M
Adriana V

Mae W
Audrey M

Boys results, top 3 in order

Nicolas S
Tyler S
Gunnar V

Noah G
Kenneth S
Cole O

Jonah B
James C
Jean T

Lukas D
Thomas B
Luke S


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and in preparation for next year's race, here's that flyer to start promoting early, can't do it without lots of help, so many kids and their parents would likely be amped out to race if they knew they had an opportunity to do so


  • Flyer Final Grasshopper Mountain Bike Race for Kids 2020.pdf
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LINKY LINK to full JORBA site and pics and results and of course lots of other mtb stuff and events, thanks JORBA for supporting kid racin and family ridin!

PS, the kid's korse is always open for shredding with groms, and the trail that it's part of, BOOGALOO, has been enhanced bigly by local elves with a bunch of extension bits, check it out, ride it a lot, it's grom challenging fun without rocks or climbs

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