Gloves: Troy Lee Designs XC



Manufacturer: TLD
Product: Full Finger XC
How Long Used: 1 Ride
Similar Products Used: REI half finger gloves
Overall Rating [1-10]: 4

Positive: Once on they are comfy and look good too. The close fit transfers all bike movement from the handlebars through to the hand so you know exactly what's going on

Negative: No sweat patch, no palm pad and a very close fit!
Comments: Well Mr. Lee I don't think these are one of your best efforts. I saw the high ratings on so though I'd give 'em a try. The gloves look good and form a second skin. I orded the x-large and still found them a little tight - I don't have gorilla-knuckles either so not sure what's going on there!

Very soon into my ride I felt soreness in my palms, around my thumb-pad. Since there was no padding I s'pose that's to be expected.

I went to wipe my brown and scratch the crap out of my forehead! I forgot there was no sweatpad!

They are thin gloves and probably won't last long unfortunately. I may just retire them now to paintball gloves or something!

2 flaming turds this time...
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