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Does anyone know were Gilligan's Island is? It is somewhere off Patriots'
path East of Lewis Morris Park.:confused:
Gilligans Island is a small, deserted spit of land 500 miles southeast of Oahu... oops, sorry... wrong one. ;)

you can find it by taking PP from sunrise lake across rt24 and following PP for a couple of miles. when you cross the first bridge bear right make some climbs bear right on the gravel, keep going until you come to a Y with a bench. bear left there and follow for a bit. and you are getting close. keep an eye out for a muddy spot and a RT, then you are basically on it. ride this dh bearing right at the bottom and you'll see a stream and an old boat (thus the name), cross the stream and either make a LT onto deer trail within 100 feet, or climb to the top where it meets PP. if you take deer, then make RT onto PP and then go back to where you came.

the wed night ride usually throws Gilligan's into the loop. if you can make it out, we'll show you.

p.s. Ryan did I get this right?
mergs said:
...see a stream and an old boat (thus the name), cross the stream...

Got some other pictures that I'll post later.
Baccala said:
Toward Morristown right?

Not sure if that is towards Morristown or not. Its all kind of west of Morristown's center.

If you know Sunrise Lake its north on PP, across 24 going towards Sussex Avenue. Its pretty close to the road that is between 24 and Sussex Ave. It parallels both. Don't know the name of the road.

We'll ride it tonight I am sure (Marty's Ride)
Baccala said:
My son and I found it!


That was me who gave you the directions! What a small world. I was saying that print out looked like the site. :D
I kinda thought so. I recognized your bike. But how do you ask to see the scraps on someones back?
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Baccala said:
I kinda thought so. I recognized your bike. But how do you ask to see the scraps on someones back?

LOL, yeah that would be a little odd. :D I was thinking this is strange, wasn't there a post about Gilligan's Island on the site?
'Gilligan's Island' SS Minnow for sale

The ship that stranded the crew and eclectic passengers of 1960s television classic "Gilligan's Island" on an uncharted desert island following a torrential storm is for sale by its Canadian owner.

The SS Minnow set out on a "three-hour tour" with actor Bob Denver (Gilligan) and his gang, which wound up as castaways for three years on US primetime television, and their buffoonery replayed around the world for many decades.

"It's the same boat that was on Gilligan's Island ... They used it when they went out on the water," said agent George Schultz, who is selling the boat for a retired friend, Scott Taylor.

The vessel, named after former US Federal Communications Commission chairman Newton Minow, whom show creator Sherwood Schwartz was quoted as saying "ruined television," is the third of four boats used in the sitcom, according to a fan website.

One was towed to Kauai for beach scenes. Another was rented for the opening credits in Honolulu Harbor and the other was a prop built by television studio CBS in the second season.

Taylor's Minnow was filmed in the opening credits of the second season at Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, Schultz said.

According to the show's theme song: "The weather started getting rough/the tiny ship was tossed/if not for the courage of the fearless crew/the Minnow would be lost."

Indeed, the real Minnow capsized off Canada's West Coast during a trip from Alaska in 1993 after hitting a reef, rendering all of its electrical systems useless.

Its American owner agreed to sell it to Taylor for a mere 3,500 Canadian dollars (3,158 US dollars) if he agreed to restore the 37-foot mahogany Wheeler Express Cruiser -- which he did, sinking more than 200,000 dollars (180,000 US) in repairs into it.

Taylor only discovered later that the boat, then named "Bluejacket," was the famed SS Minnow from the television show, Schultz said.

"He knew the make of the boat and they're good boats, so he bought it and afterwards he learned the truth when he compared the serial numbers," he said. Its registration has since been changed to match its stage name, he added.

For 99,000 Canadian dollars (89,500 US), a new owner may buy a piece of television nostalgia, Schultz said, and take it out for a "three-hour tour" -- or more.

Taylor "has had some good trips on it," he said. "And he has never become shipwrecked."
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