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First off...:cry:

I had to learn the hard way about a few things that I would have preferred to have read. I'm sure most of you have heard of "ghetto tubeless" you use a sealant like stan's but instead of their 45$ price tag for a pair (on the cheaper end without shipping and/or tax) you spend 3 bucks a strip for a total of 6 bucks. I've been running this on another bike for a few months now without issue. Tire/rim selection should follow typical stan's rules, some don't like to play. The other big issue is that certain tubes (read: thicker tubes) have an overbuilt rubber area under the valve I spent many painful strokes of the pump to find this out. It bumps the bead of the tire up just enough for it to no seal so if you ever give this a shot, make sure you feel around the valve stem so that it's not a tube with an overbuilt rubber area.

In the end what I like to do is just reuse tubes that have too many patches or are shredded, I used one 26x1.75 and one 26x1.96-2.3 tube and both worked awesome. Tubes that are listed as "super thin" tend to work better. Hopefully these jones acx tires don't suck as much as most people claim as they sealed up in one to two pumps of my floor pump which makes me a happy camper. My other tires worked great and I can still slosh the tire around and hear sealant so hopefully these last a good long while :)


yep; tubeless for shure...

I don't even use the 'rim strip'; just pipe tape and my mix of spoogem (mold builder, slime, eg antifreeze, little water).

Even more weight saved w/o the strip/flapped tube.

Hasn't froze yet either... (my other post went unresponded)...
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