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Check out this cool MTB-related photo!

My brother-in-law took this photo recently. He lives in Marin County north of SF, and is a graphics artist and the West Coast photographer for Relix Magazine. He took this pic at a party he was shooting. Marin is the birthplace of Mountain Biking and he has awesome trails right outside his door that I have ridden with him.

To see his other concert photography:

--Gary Fisher and Bob Weir--

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Funny that you just posted this. I was talking about the movie Klunkers in another thread. There was a lot of footage of the Marin area riding and the music scene in the area. IIRC, Weir was in there too - I think he bought a bike off of one of them.


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Forgot to say - great pic. I have a Dead CD in my truck right now. Like to give them a listen to every now and then. They have some pretty good pre and post ride tunes.


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My brother-in-law has designed many of the CD covers for them in the last few years as well (including the 'vault' series) -- look for his name on the cover credits.


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Very cool been a fan for a long time 80 something shows and alot of memerories you gotta love that sirius dead channel with the live concert series always lookin' to see if I was there. peace


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I'm guessing from where they are standing in relation to the Golden Gate Bridge, that picture was taken in Sausalito?

I really dug Marin county when I was out there, Norcal in general is pretty cool, but Marin is especially nice IMHO.

Very cool pic, by the way.


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OK, brings back some hazy moments :drooling:

Flipping through the pics on his site was like looking at a photo album of ex-gfs, less the excess underarm and leg hair.


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Those are nice pictures. I usually don't spend much time in any of the "off topic" threads but this caught my eye. Thanks. By the way, to enjoy the Dead all you need is an open mind, what you do or take to open it(mind), is your own deal. Contrary to popular belief you don't need to be killing brain cells. If you want to dance like that though, you likely already have shed more than enough (brain cells).


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Oh yea, nothing like live Dead, a little fire and a starry night:D. Lucky me has XM and 24 hrs of Led Zep (Carol Miller way over played them) and AC/DC- they took my punk station off for that one.
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