Enduro Hollowtech BB bearings


Formerly M3Tim
I've been noticing for a while that my Shimano LX BB had a little play and was a bit gritty. I took it apart about a month or so ago and repacked the bearings but noted that they were about shot Lots of play in the bearings).

I ordered a replacement set of bearings from Enduro and installed them last night. Pretty easy to do and a huge difference. The Enduro bearings get rid of the plastic shim between the crank shaft and the bearings making for a much more robust interface and giving you larger bearings. All in all I'd say a nice upgrade when your bearings need to be replaced. I belive they have models for all types of external BBs. Cost was $20 for the set shipped, ceramics are more obviously. Let me know if you have any questions about the job. I'll update as I get some mileage on them.

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