Does anyone where know anyone that watches QVC?

Do you personally know anyone that’s bought stuff off QVC this year

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Since we cut our YTTV and don’t have any cable, we hooked up our antenna and we have like 5 QVC type channels. Who watches this shit? Part of me wants to start drinking/smoking weed and watching this shit. It’s hella amusing


Captain Wildcat
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My grandma used to watch that shit all the time, and she regularly bought stuff too. We have an unopened box of pots and pans that she bought us somewhere in the garage.


Mayor McCheese
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My mom is an addict. They are on speed dial on her phone. It’s almost easier than ordering from Amazon. I’ve watched her do it once. Whatever is on the TV at the time, she dials in, they have caller ID on her phone so they answer using her name. She says “Hi I’ll take four in red” and hangs up. It’s on its way and shows up to the house in a day or so.


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QVC is where all your grandma’s got that Tupperware the macaroni salad was in...

you know, the style Uncle Rico sells